Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend in the woods...

Imagine a picture here - heavily wooded background (with winter trees) pine trees and lots of leafless east texas beauties...then a two lane road down the middle growing into a hill as you follow it out to the horizon and then the sun beating down casting perfect shadowing opportunities all along the side of one lane and then me and Jerod jogging next to each other on the sunny side of the road, looking at one another and panting (b/c we are going up the hill - remember) and laughing and both silently reflecting on how much we love each other.

That was our weekend in a snapshot and since I forgot the camera b/c I was too busy talking on Friday as we left - that's all you get for visual. :)

For the last three years Jerod and I have headed off to Pine Cove the week of Valentine's Day for a married couples retreat. The weekend includes a speaker, lots of food, lots of nature and these cabins that we have grown to love almost as much as a room with down feathered bedding. What I loved most about this weekend this year was just sheerly enjoying my husband completely and totally for just who he is as a man - not for his successes, his talents, his dreams, etc. but enjoying his laugh, his goofiness, his free spirit, his unplanned planning ability, his leadership when I didn't want to decide what to do next, his care as he kept telling me to get farther off the road when I car would come as we were jogging (it was kind of like he thought I might trip.?!?!? what, me?), and his jaw line ( with the bit of scruff that starts to grow on a long weekend). Together I loved not thinking about time, laying around watching movies between sessions, soaking in the sun, sitting out on a zip line field at night looking at the stars realizing how small the little dipper is comparison to the big dipper, discovering jalepeno flavored pretzels, and oh so much more...

I am one lucky woman! I pray to keep a certain perspective this week - I want to love this week for the inside things, for the man, for the parts that I see in rest and to treasure those things because they are so beautiful and safe and secure and sweet. Jerod, my burly beautifully made spontaneous and free man, thank you for a great weekend...I love you!