Thursday, November 25, 2010

hAppY tHankSgIviNG!

thankful to wake up at my mom and dad's house. cold winds blowing outside making it feel seasonal and knowing i get to wear a scarf and boots to brunch today makes me very happy!!! i love the holidays - and i had no idea how much more fun it would be with a child to experience it with!
thankful that my life is now fuller with a new niece and a new nephew in the last Ella Joy arrived yesterday and Judah Justice about a month ago...hope you all have a very wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i am embarrassed and thankful

i know i know i know...i shouldn't even be allowed to log in still. it has been way too long and i am officially embarrassed to write again. i have so many faithful blogging friends and i am the epitome of a bad blogger. BUT i am really going to try again. things are different now - life is different now - i am different now. hehe...or so i would like to think.

so I am going to jump in writing like i never left and just ignore that i have months and months of updating to do. i will let time update itself by living in today which has been greatly influenced by the past year and a half.

as a precursor to Thanksgiving Day...
here's what i am thankful for:

one - God. He is forgiving, loving, and is the Giver of peace, joy, sound mind, new beginnings, and patience. i am thankful He knows how much i need Him and that He is ok with me not being perfect
two - Jerod. he is my leader, he is so kind to me and patient with me, he lets me go and he keeps me grounded
three - Cana. the girl that motivates me to be better, to change and even more to create and love living life.
four - new position at work. -working in accounting and having a commute (unexpected good things) love the doneness of each day and the time alone in a quiet car to think or make phone calls and no competition
five - passion. i love passions. i have loved listening to the inner me again that gets giddy and antsy about weird things
six - family. mine. and for newest members - judah justice and ella joy - pictures to come as soon as i get them! i am dying to hold those two new babies!

What are you thankful for??? for me blogging again right? haha... well I will be back soon and no that doesn't mean next year. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

and here are a couple of pictures of miss thang...