Thursday, November 13, 2008

12 Weeks and a Wedding


Time goes by so fast! I am at 12 weeks this week and I can't believe how fast it is going by. At our last appointment we saw the baby's heartbeat, such a fast little sweet sound. We will find out on December 23rd what we are having (as long as he/she cooperates, please God!) I can not wait to find out what we are having - Jerod has decided that it is a boy and has me calling it a him simply out of repetition of hearing it. Some days I am completely convinced that it is a boy too and then there are days where I am sure it is a girl...I don't have that overwhelming sense one way or another.
I am feeling better all the time...I can stay awake a little later at night, and the random bouts of nausea are gone. The most amazing thing right now is the hunger that will strike without any warning and turn me into a complete monster. Jerod can see it coming on now and starts suggesting food as the mood and facial expressions start to turn. I am slightly showing - I can tell everyday because nothing fits anymore at all - and maternity clothes - they are weird.

I mean look at this - while in Seattle, Jerod and I stopped in Old Navy to look at their maternity section and really - what is this? It was a one piece adult onesie and it had belt loops around the low waist line - where would one wear this? And yes, I know the tights and boots help but dang it was cold in there.


Brian's wedding was great! Jerod and I got there on Wednesday and spent the first couple of days helping Brian with last minute details and then we got to just hang out in Seattle - shopping, eating and walking Pike's Market. I am so excited for Brian, he was so happy all week and so ready to be married. Kristin is amazing and it will be really nice to have her in the family. I have to say that I did pretty well- I made it through talking at the rehearsal dinner (only choking up at the end) and then during the ceremony - I cried but not uncontrollably. I hadn't really thought through the fact that I would be staring at him the whole time from where I was standing, so I kept just looking past at a window. Oh and I avoided the very near fall walking down the aisle slipping on a rose petal. Can you imagine if I actually had a story about falling while walking down the aisle at my brother's wedding? Oh my gosh I am so glad that did NOT happen. Jerod did get to walk three girls back up the aisle after the ceremony and it was completely hilarious...they weren't all at the rehearsal so he didn't know that it would happen until in the moment and then everyone in the room just started laughing - it was great.

Here are a few pics, but I will post the link to the photographers site when they are available because those will be the good pics...the photographer is amazing.

This was at the Rehearsal dinner...

Doesn't Jerod look all handsome in the suit...he has the perfect shoulders for suits. I waited until the very last minute to put on my dress because it was cold, it didn't fit really well and I felt very busty and big in it...So I have no pics of the bridesmaid dresses at this point or a pic of Kristin in her dress...But there they are eating at the reception - she had this really cool veil she wore at the reception that she made.

Here they are leaving the wedding...
And then it was all done...a great day, a great trip, and now here we are back at home looking the holidays quickly approaching. I am trying to finish up end of the year projects at work and Jerod is busy preparing for his part as Scrooge in a Christmas play this year! He is discovering that he can really act...I can't wait for the shows!