Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Girl in the House

I know - i know I am not doing such a splendid job of keeping up with this blog, but I really do think about it all the time.  I am just trying to keep up with real life as it is FLYING by!  My little baby girl is growing up so fast and I spent last week being potty boot camp momma and stayed home with Cana all week.  Can I just say I was more scared of this step than any other step we have taken with her...I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it, but I have this amazing little girl that after two accidents has done perfectly since.  She loves to "celebrate" so after every pee or poop she got the whole family doing the potty dance in celebration and got a skittle.  She LOVED it...I cried every time I watched her from behind walk off in her little panty covered butt. 
Now this week has been so hard as I had to go back to work...I so loved being home last week.  I love being around Cana doing anything...and I love taking advantage of nap time and painting...I love planning and making dinner...having time to have playdates...all of it was so much fun.
I did get a few more pieces done during naptimes and after bedtime - here are some pics and they will soon be available on Etsy.

I can't get it to turn around...ugh...
I have a few more pieces ready to start or to finish, but they aren't ready for photographs...
Jerod and I are headed to LA on Friday - yea...a few days away just us to sleep in, eat and lay around on the beach!!!!  I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ashley Jansen said...

Great pieces!! I was thinking you pulled a spiderman trick to get that picture from the upside of the wall...HA! Still amazing that you got her totally trained at go girl!! Have a great vaca...much deserved!!