Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4 days...

It is only four days now until the big day and my stomach is here to testify. When I get excited and anxious my stomach takes the brunt...the butterflies move in and food doesn't want to settle. Come Sunday night at about 10 I will be starving.

This week has gone by really fast thus far and really smoothly - praise God. Sunday night is going to be amazing - I have no doubts that Jerod will present an amazing performance and will steal the hearts of all there. I have no doubts that God will show up and wow us all with His faithfulness and as He unfolds more purpose behind this call. He has already shown us this week how this is going to be the one of the biggest experiences of our life to date where the culmination of all of both of our worlds will be in one room together. There will be more opportunity in that room at one time than Jerod and I have ever been able or willing to put together on our own and I am hoping and praying that God will do something enormous with that whether it be for us to see that night or if it something that happens that we never know about. I pray for a belief in the impossible and I pray for a hope in the unseen to be the feeling left with people that night. I desire for people to want more and to believe God wants more for them. This is hard and this is my own prayer- God - please make mine and Jerod's life a testimony that you are faithful, you are good, you never leave us alone and that it is worth waiting on your ways that are bigger and greater that our ways, please let us be patient to wait for your mind and thoughts about things rather than relying and limiting ourselves to our thoughts.

I want to share a song with you guys...this song is the song that Jerod wrote for me about a year ago...let me give you a bit of background. Over the past few years I have really struggled with being patient - I have worked a job that I don't love - I don't hate it all the time but I don't always like it. We have sacrificed a lot of the norm to follow this dream and we have not done things the easy way a lot of the time. So over the past few years I would have melt down weeks, weeks where I just couldn't see the good and it was just harder to hold on to the truth. So my sweet dear husband who is completely faithful to trying to understand me and to listen and to try to fix things got to the point where there was nothing left to say...he had talked me through every angle and it just didn't help BUT then one evening I came home to this song and let me tell you that moment was like none other. To sit in my living room and to be touched to the very core of my heart mind and soul by the gift that my husband has been given to relate the whispers of God and his own feelings through song. This song gave my heart peace when words couldn't, this song has given me tears of motivation over and over in this last leg of the race and I can't wait for you to all hear it but read it with me now and praise God with me now as I can say I am laughing in delight at what is behind us and have laughter for the days to come because God is faithful!!! Thank you my dear sweet husband for being faithful to your gift and to listening to the words of our God - you are my most precious gift. And I think a lot of you need to just hear someone say "Baby hold on..." find peace in the FACT that God is saying it to us all.

Baby Hold On
Music & Lyrics by Jerod Starkey
For Elaine 1 / 30 / 2007


You’ve felt this strain for a long time now
Escape from the pain is always on your mind

And I don’t know what to say to you anymore
And I know you’ve heard these words before


Baby hold on a little while longer
You’re gonna make it through
Baby hold on and one day soon
You’ll laugh at what’s behind you


I know you’re thinking ‘It’s not supposed to be this way’
It’s been so long you’ve forgotten why you’re waiting anyway

Sometimes we have to hold on to things we can’t see
‘Cause it makes us the people we’re supposed to be


Baby hold on a little while longer
You’re gonna make it through
Baby hold on and one day soon
You’ll laugh at what’s behind you


Oh maybe one day there will come a time
When you have no worries on your mind

© 2007/2008 Britches Publishing


Andy Black said...

Wow. I cannot wait to hear that song. I am so happy for you and Jerod and that the big day is almost here. I wish I could be there with you in person on Sunday, but I will certainly be there in prayer.

EAJan678 said...

I wish we could be there as well, but along with the Ohio Black family we will be there in prayer and I can't wait to read the post the day after!!

Dana Nassau said...

I wish we could be there. We're so excited for both of you. I admire how you have stood by Jerod and supported this dream.

sim said...

Barring natural disasters (a kid getting sick), I will be there to see greatness unfold! We are excited for you guys and can only imagine the butterflies.

Sweet, sweet song!