Friday, December 21, 2007

Sniffle Sniffle... Ho Ho Ho

I have the sniffles, the dripping nose, the cough and the heavy head. It is so irritating becuase I don't really feel that bad but then a sneeze comes and reminds me that I don't really feel that good either. Why is it that when we were kids mom would just call the dr and it was completely understood that we would see the dr on like day one of sneezing and we would be better in just a couple of days...BUT now as a grown up it takes me a week to decide if I should go to the dr when if I would have just gone in the first place I would have saved money on over counter drugs, I would already be better, and I would have less chance to spread it around to those I love. And one final sickly complaint why does sickness always creep up around the holidays?

On an exciting note...Christmas is only four days away...What are you doing the next few days to get ready and to celebrate? Jerod and I are having our Double Christmas Eve traditional extravaganza tonight (yes, I know it is like quadruple Christmas Eve right now, but we are working the next two nights). My brother arrives from Seattle tomorrow, Jerod will sing O Holy Night at church on Sunday (and let me tell you the boy can sing that song), then we will head to the Eastland house on Monday and then join up with the Starkey's Christmas Day night.

I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the is only Christmas once a year and I think we get so wrapped up in business and getting through it that we miss the joy, the remembrances, the family, the love, so stop and ask yourself what do I need to do to slow down and take in this Christmas? What do I need to do to change my mind and/or attitude about Christmas and the people around so as to glorify God? Answer those two and just do it....don't wait...It will be another 365 days before you get to experience it again.

Merry Christmas ~


EAJan678 said...

I'm that same way when it comes to me being sick as well. However, I swear by the Zycam product (the nose swabs work the best for me). I start feeling great and then I stop using the product and then I get sick again - why this girl can't follow the directions (use for 5 days after the symptoms go away) I don't know. Anyway...maybe that could help you feel better before Xmas. See you soon!!! And I'm just so stinkin' excited that you have a blog!! WOO HOO!! (Oh and is there anyway for you to tape the O Holy Night song...this blog reader would love to hear it!!)

sim said...

Merry Christmas, friend. I'm glad you've taken the blogging plunge! we'll be downtown tonite eating dinner before the mavs game (hint, hint)...

Kristen said...

i love you for blogging.

makes me miss you so much!!!--how can you stand reading my blog? hehe :)