Friday, December 28, 2007


Who am I? Who do people think I am and who do they want me to be? How much time do we spend weighing these questions in our daily life? I know that I don't spend enough time dwelling on the answer to these questions - That I am a daughter of God's and I am free and loving and compassionate and have a very important purpose and joyful and alive, I wastefully spend so much time thinking about who I would be without Christ and who I struggle with not acting like. (That was one of those sentences that may not make much sense to the reader but I needed to get it out of my head...)

I am doing a study right now by Beth Moore, and I was really challenged today by two questions she asked.

"Think about the last week or two. Identify ways you believe you gave a true impression of who you are by acting as if you belonged to God.
Now, identify ways you may have given a false impression by not acting as if you belonged to God.
If you have received Christ, the only time you are true to who you are is when you are walking like one of His children. Christians can only be true to self when demonstrating that they belong to God."

It was interesting because it was very obvious to me in my past week the times when I felt free, felt like me, felt whole as a being obedient to God, and I know exactly when I slipped into my disguises too. Now I am just trying to figure out why I like to wear those disguises. I want to be true to myself and I deeply want to desire to live like a child of God more than like anyone else I can pretend to be.


matthew said...

good words. hey, i just found your blog - it's great! we should all grab some dinner and catch up soon.

Post 27 said...

Not to be overly critical, but you haven't posted in like 5 days.
What's happened to you already?