Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pictures and a quote

We had another snow the last two days have been spent Valentining it up...(when you have your own blog you can also make up your own words :) )

First we made cupcakes...Cana loves cooking and I love that Cana loves it. She drags the chair to her little corner and makes a very minimal mess considering her 20 months. She was not willing to be photogenic while we were baking so the only pictures were faceless...she would turn away and throw a hand up. The girl is ready for paparazzi.

As much as she likes cooking she likes watching and waiting (hopefully a sign that she obtained more patience than me). We put the cupcakes in the oven, she got her container of cheerios and sat eating and watching.

She had no interest in icing them, but when the sprinkles came out - well that was a different story. Two cupcakes were adorned with an entire bottle of red sprinkles and then she had the most fun playing with the leftovers in the pan.

{Swirl, swirl, swirl}

After all were colorful and valentiney (another one of my words)...we delivered a few to Mammaw and Pappaw and Miss Angel. Nana and Pops you get yours tomorrow once the ice melts.

Today I got a little bit of the crafty Valentine's bug and made a few hair clips to give to the little girlies in our life and a cute little card.

I am learning to love felt. It sews easily, it glues easily and it's bright. I have always thought of it as kind of cheap (and it is but not in the way I use to think of it.)

A little note on the status of the concrete we thought we were done on Sunday minus the baseboards, uh but no...
It looked finished, it felt finished - but then the corner of a piece of tape barely brushed the surface and there was the original concrete color shining dully back at us. We weren't {aren't} sure if it is a sealant issue, a drying issue, or something completely unknown. All this cold can't be helping. The Starkey Solution for now: We applied two more coats of the sealant, and haven't walked on it or barely looked at it for 24 hours. Tomorrow it is going to sit another day completely untouched and then Friday we are going to put three coats of a floor finish on it and then let it sit untouched for two days while we are out of town before trying to move in. Fingers looks so good - I just want it to work.

I found this quote today and I love it...
"Find something that you love, find a way to make a living at it and you'll never 'work' a day in your life" Enjolik R. Oree-Bailey

I read this and felt like there is so much truth to this...I believe that God wants us to live like this in the passion and the gifts that he has so particularly and uniquely and intentionally put inside us.

I hope this little girl finds lots to love and gets to do it her entire life!!

Hoping for a sunny ice free day tomorrow...

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Ashley said...

PRECIOUS!! H did the same thing decorating his Happy Bday Jesus cake. Biggest problem we had was him shaking the shaker and hitting the icing thus clogging the shaker holes and causing frustration. Of course there's always Cana's pouring method :)