Monday, February 21, 2011

Trash Trucks are entertaining...

I love how simple it is to love and entertain an almost 2 year old. We spent three hours on the front porch yesterday morning - waiting for the trash trucks, eating breakfast and looking for the neighborhood cats.

I also love how much my heart longs to spend time with her doing whatever the heck she wants to do. I had to work a lot this week and I have been frantically busy starting a lot of new projects at night so the day at home completely engrossed in this beauty was so good for my heart.

Update on the floors...we still aren't 100% sure that the dog won't scratch it up terribly so we have moved back in and are living on it for a while before doing the molding to make sure we don't have to start completely over with a different type of stain. So far it has held up under week one...please God let this work b/c I had fun doing it but there is nothing more frustrating than having to start completely over on the exact same job.

I am so excited because I am about to leave now to go set up the guest room my mom is letting me completely redo in her house. I am also very glad that this week should be a week of some finished ideas and I will get to show you! AND I should have time to write more.
This week I should have lots of pictures of some finished stuff...and some time to actually write.

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Jennifer said...

I feel the need to tell you just how much I love the blog. So glad you are back. I am anxious to talk to you soon. Call when you can!