Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shout Outs and Count Down

For starters - Happy Birthday to a great brother...Little Brother ... enjoy this last one in your 20's.  Have a great day celebrating you with that beautiful family of yours!  We love you.

And most importantly "a million hugs and kisses, thank yous and you are so incredibly sweet" to my dear hubby who is selflessly doing something in honor of my favorite activity - MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers).  My MOPS group is hosting a fundraisor tonight at Greenville's Rusty Taco where 20% of all proceeds between 5 and 8 will be given to our MOPS group.  Jerod has very generously agreed to do something I know is not is favorite thing to do - he is going to provide music for the event.  It's always a little awkward to sit in a corner, of a non stage friendly restaurant, and play the keyboard and sing - having people kind of listen and kind of not.  Baby - know that I will hear every song but more than the words you sing I will hear what you are doing for me and I love you dearly for it!!!!  I know you will rock out the impossible.

Finally, agghhhhh I have my first booth in five days...there is so much to do to finish the last final details of each piece, to decide on staging, pricing and all that kind of stuff.  I am SO SO excited!!!!!!  If you can come please do - I would love to see you there.  Here is the flyer and one sneak preview of a piece that will be there...
Deep Ellum Outdoor Market

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