Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trip with Evie - We're off to the Auction **See what I won**

I am going to my first auction tonight- like real auction.  Evie heard on HGTV that cities often have these kinds of acutions if they have a design district, which Dallas does and lo and behold she found it here.  I have been reviewing rules online all day and I am giddy nervous.  They say you can't bid without meaning to, but there is a part of me that can see me "accidently" needing a Uhaul to get home.  These pieces are incredible...and they at least start REALLY cheap.  I am looking for a mid century modern sideboard to use in our front living room as a tv console, but there are a few other little items like a couch, dresser, and stool I want too.  Look at this stuff...and it starts at $50.  ( I half expect to get there and find out it is all like doll house size ... have you ever done that before - be honest - looked at Etsy and found the cutest little piece of furniture, only to find out once you look closer at the typed dimensions it's the size of your palm. ) 
Mid Century Modern Teak SSerpentine Upholstered LoInlaid Brass Trim 60'' Si
I so wish I could be a shopper for people...I would love to go do this all the time for people who don't have the time or the desire to sit through stuff like this. 
I will be reporting back tomorrow...

Here's what actually walked away with...LOL - a lot more than I thought and none that I was expecting - SO much fun though.  I want to do this for a living more than anything.


Painting Tips and Tricks said...

Enjoy your first auction!...Daniel

Ashley Jansen said...

I can't see any pictures of what you bought? Let me know when links are fixed - would love to see!!