Saturday, March 5, 2011

Been busy...

Ok so I am not even feeling guilty anymore for not posting in two weeks…last weekend I sat down and wrote this long confession and pictures – I went to put in the last picture on Thursday and when I did the whole thing deleted. So last night I started it again and just now a full 24 hours later I finished it – wrote a final sentence and poof – it was gone again. This is so frustrating, as is listening to my sweet little Cana who can’t go to sleep because she feels so bad even after four days of antibiotic. It is so hard to not be able to “fix” it and make her better.

I am not sure what I am supposed to be learning from these posts continuously being deleted…I am determined to show you what I have been working on the last two weeks.

My mom is letting me redecorate two of her guests rooms upstairs…one is a kid’s guest room and the other is the adult room…I only have pictures of the kid one for now. I picked a much lighter fresh color, picked fun brighter colors for bedding and added a lot of wall hangings. Much more kid friendly and exciting than the cream and black toile that was in there. It was so much sewing, painting, and making up stuff.


This is a map of Waco framed since Waco has meant something to all of us in the family at one point or another...

The next project that I am still in the middle of is Jerod’s studio. We never painted or did anything to personalize when we moved in so it was way past due and fun to do for him. So far we have painted a couple of walls, built a frame for the wall mirror, built a shelf out of a railroad beam and a collage board to cover the back of the piano.

And to make sure there is a little mess and progress going on inside the house – I am slowly but surely working on Cana’s room. I have painted a new old headboard for her “big girl” bed and done some work for a couple of her walls.


All of this has made me very happy…I so love creating. I am bad and slow at showing because I am afraid of what people will think…is she a good mom if she is doing all this other stuff too, this isn’t really that good, or is she crazy for thinking that any of this would be something someone would want. I am really realizing that if I don’t want any of those things to come true, I have to start sharing and showing – in process and completed things. I do so badly want to do this for a living…I want to make gifts for others to give, I want to help women see a project done that has always been in their head, or help someone see a possible project out of what they just see as the everyday stuff around them.


Ashley Jansen said...

SO CREATIVE!! You've got skillz!! When did you start sewing? Can't wait for your dream to become a reality. And whenever self-doubt and negative self-talk comes in you tell the enemy to jump ship! Your worth is in Christ not in what others think. Love you and totally enjoying this new creative Lainey!!

Jennifer said...

I think all of this is awesome! I would buy all of it. If I ever live close to you again you are definitely decorating my house!