Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Choo - Choo Here Comes Spring

I LOVE spring.  I love how really one day you wake up and you all of a sudden realize the trees are budding, the birds are more plentiful and there is a heck of a lot of work to do.  This will be our second summer in this house and the first summer that we are actually making plans for the yard.  Cana needs a place to play so we are trying to make it in our pretty small back yard.

This project will be broken down by weekends and I will try to keep you posted of it's development...but I have to show you my little pride and joy from this weekend.  Choo Choo Planters (as Cana puts it)...

Seriously they are old HEAVY hub caps from a train car.  How cool is that?  They were underneath all this mess...

So after pulling them by tying them to the jeep and pressin the gas, Jerod and his dad got them here...How good are they at placement!!

Then I got to go to work.  I transplanted all the plants that were in the back half of the yard to this very small concentrated area.  Now we are daily watering with a little prayer for them to survive.  Transplanting is SO much cheaper than going to Home Depot three times on a Saturday and buying new (because you never buy enough the first time - right?)  I did go and buy some seasonal annuals to plant in the planters for color and a little life to our half worked on back yard.  I love them though, so unique and totally go with our house and the sounds of the railroad across the street.  They scream - Hello Spring!!!  What could you use to make your own unique planters for spring?

This project was entered in the CSI Project this week - themed "Spring" !  Click here to view this project and all the others entered this week.


Alana in Canada said...

These are fabulous: such a great industrial chic vibe. Good luck with your backyard--we've been working on ours for a few years now and it's finally taking shape.

Ashley Jansen said...

I have to get my son to your house. He would literally faint from excitement the first time the train went by. Much less to have train planters - so jealous!! It looks great! Feel your pain with having half the yard done. We (well the he part of my we) dug up, transplanted, and planted new in half of our front yard. The other half will have to be next month. And the back yard well is fit for a service project - maybe we can find some juveniles in need of some court order time...HA! Foreclosures...such great deals...such a great amount of work!!
It all looks amazing Elaine - where do you find all of your time to do your fun projects?

Judy said...

Those are really awesome. Your backyard looks great...even if it's not done yet. Thanks so much for linking up to my Swing into Spring party.