Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jesus on a Cloud and a Nightstand

Cana is finally better - praise God...that was a long week. I do have a funny story from the sick time though. Around 4:00 every afternoon she would go into this vegetative state in front of the tv watching Nick Jr. and her fever would creep back in and her eyes would glaze over. It was so sad, but one afternoon during this time we were mean and were trying to break the stare by saying things like, "Cana want some candy." nothing "Look there's a squirrel." nothing, "Look Cow is walking" (that's her stuffed animal) nothing, this went on for a while and we never got a response and then Jerod goes, "Look Jesus is coming on a cloud." She ran to the window and goes where??? She is one smart cookie...Dear God, may you always be the one that gets her attention!

In furniture news...I finished a nightstand.


In Process:
I do all my painting in my lady cave in the front of the house...Jerod has his man cave in the studio above the garage and my space is this random room that made this house just right for us. I couldn't remove the hardware on the drawer because it was covered up by the plastic drawer that I am sure my grandfather somehow maneuvered - he was crafty and silly like that and we all loved him for it. Therefore kept the old stuff and just painted around then cleaned up the rust on it with fingernail polish remover. I started with a metallic gold coat and then in the after shots you will see added a black glaze over it for more dimension and a little older look.


And now she resides in the adult guest room at my mom's house.

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