Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hated Spots

In our den - other living room - the back one - by the kitchen - I don't know what the technical word is for this space.  What do you call that space attached to your kitchen that is a room with couch and a tv?  It's been a debated topic in our home since we bought it.  Anyways, in that room, there is a spot I hate.  The builder had some logic behind (well I assume he did) putting the cable plug and the electrical outlets right in the middle of the wall.  I am sure it has something to do with hanging your tv, but if you go to that much design trouble (or laziness - I really dont know which it was in this case) why wouldn't you put something below where you could run your wires out and/or be able to plug things in that don't hang on the wall. 
So not being able to ever buy a TV large enough to sit on the console and cover the plugs - I have stared and loathed that spot - until now. 

I was sitting at work one day, much as I am right now thinking and reading through other blogs.  I saw a coffee table on one that had been redone, which made my mind drift to the coffee table I had to recently put in the garage because she just no longer had a place to sit in our house.  I was sad about her demotion but really truly no room.  I then started thinking ... what can I do with her - who needs her - etc.  Then it hit me - I immediately texted Jerod and said "I have a brilliant idea - we don't have to get rid of the coffee table."  IT was such a good idea I even told him I couldn't text it - it had to be in person.  I know - dramatic and silly, but sometimes I really don't want the greatness of an idea, the tone of a comment, or the beauty of a wall to be lost in a cell phone - in my sometimes crazy mind I think it will be received the way I want/expect it to be received if I just wait for the conversation or the real camera. 

So let me show you the idea of getting rid of Hated Spot #1 and using the coffee table...

First of all - meet the coffee table that served us so well.  We first got her in our uptown apartment because we didn't have room for a dining table in that place so my mother in law made this for us out of an old church door.  So cool - right?

Here you can see the leg and overall shape

Here you can see the top of it (and yes Harrison almost always comes for a picture).
It was big enough for us to eat at, work at, and it was durable.  It went with us to House #1, then to Jerod's studio away from home, then to House #2,  then to studio #2 and it is (was) still in great condition for a coffee table.

Here is the HATED SPOT...We didn't have any choice but to plug the cable in up there, but we were using the plugs on the side to plug everything else in so they weren't hanging from the center of the wall. 
I hung that huge loud picture on the side to try and draw attention over.  haha...I tried. 
And NOW....
There she all her bronze and black silk glaze finish...
I sawed the legs, painted her and then Jerod worked his magic and did a perfect job of hanging her (straight I may add)!!!!!!

I am so happy with this cover up and I am falling in love with gold tones and bronzes.  So now that I like the furniture in the room, the tv wall, and it feels more complete - I got inspired yesterday to start working on the big blank wall next to this wall and really want to fill it with some sort of wall art bigger than what is there.  That project will come later this week...stay tuned as we finish the final details of the Starkey den, back living room, by the kitchen room, or whatever you want to call it.  (we even for awhile tried to call it underseas - since that was the sherwin williams name given to the walls - but we couldn't get that one to stick...)


Jenny N said...

that looks so great!

Kristen said...

Love it, Elaine! And I'm working on a name for that room....our once nameless room is the down home, so maybe you just need to wait for cana to name it.