Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Top Ten

I knew it was going to be a good one!!!  Here is the list in no particular order...

#1 - The weather - It was beautiful... lots of outside time - called for sunglasses, many rides in the jeep,l and taking the long way home as often as possible.

#2 - Remembering the camera - I carried it in the purse all weekend - thus caught random memories like these...

I randomly cut bangs this weekend too...
"Who me?"
 Striking a pose in Deep Ellum
Daddy's Girl

#3 - Play time at Mammaw's with all the girl cousins...which included paint, water, and fun!

The girls painting flower pots
Hello World!
Who needs a bathing suit?
#4 - Finished one of my favorite home improvement projects to date...Pictures to come later this week.

#5 - Found cheap furniture to buy for a future project...
Urban Outfitters was selling old display furniture and I got two pieces for $20.

#6 - Went to the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market to check it out and decide if I could be ready to have a booth next month - and the answer is YES so I am so excited.

#7 - Did some shopping at West Elm (favorite store) and got a new chair for the den.

#8 - Went to brunch at Dream Cafe - yum yum yum - love omelets with pesto, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes

#9 - Took at 3 hour nap on Saturday afternoon - I had to get up and wake everyone up at 5 so that any of us would go to bed that night.

#10 - Ended the weekend with a fire truck next door and us peeking through the living room curtains trying to figure out why our neighbor was hoola hooping with a flaming hoop.  Yes I am so serious - I unfortunately couldn't get a picture but you will have to trust me that I am tellin' the truth!

Hope you all had great weekends too!  Now for a week of welcoming spring!

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