Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Day...

It's only 10:50 in the morning...

  • I have finished my tasks at work
  • I have finished our 2010 taxes (or putting together everything the accountant needs to do them)
  • I have read enough of Anna Maria Horner's blog that I am dying to go home and sew.
  • I have clipped coupons and made a grocery list
  • I have had three cups of coffee
  • I made toast with Cana girl (she did the jelly by herself)
  • I have dreamed about wanting some thing at a restaraunt for dinner, talked myself out of it because it's "not as healthy", and then looked again online for some Thursday night specials, because maybe if it is a really good deal I can overlook the calorie/fat factor.
  • Saw a potential name for an unborn boy baby and Jerod kind of liked it too.
  • Sang some old sing a longs with Cana on the way to work
  • Found a market that I want to goal out to sell at by May
  • And wrote a blog entry!

I love the feeling of a productive day before lunch.

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